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Professional additive for cleaning and preventative maintenance of automatic transmissions.

NGN AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION FLUSH dissolves all types of deposits in the automatic transmission, washes and keeps them in suspension. The flush contains anti-wear additives to provide parts with protection during washing process (ATF at the time may not protect against wear properly).

The flush helps to extend the life of the automatic transmission significantly, provides smooth shifting and no jerking when driving.


• Dissolves and removes all types of deposits (resins, varnish and sludge).
• Keeps deposits in suspension.
• Provides excellent lubrication in the gearbox.
• Prevents early wear of mechanical parts.
• Clears the entire gearbox oil system.
• Works with all types of automatic transmission fluids.
• Helps to avoid overheating and wear.
• Improves lubrication and gear changes.

How to use

Pour in the automatic transmission fluid before replacing.

• Fill in the automatic transmission housing.
• Drive the car for 15-20 minutes.
• Drain the oil standard way.
• Fill the automatic transmission with new oil.

Available volumes

№ V0002