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NGN COCKPIT CLEANER universal cleaning and polishing spray. Effective tool for quick cleaning of the car interior, wheels, plastic etc.


• Cleans, degreases and makes the surface shiny with no streaks.
• Cleans all types of surfaces: plastic, painted metal, chrome, fabric and carpeting.
• Removes dust, after the application of interior and dashboard have original appearance.
• Covers the surface of the anti-static and anti-dust film.
• Creates a glossy finish and a fresh fragrance.
• Do not use on glass, on hot surfaces, aluminum, alloy surfaces, skin, alcantara, nubuck.
• Safe for the car paint.
• Try on a small area in an inconspicuous place before use,

How to use

• Shake well before use.
• Apply to the surface.
• Wait a few seconds.
• Wipe with a clean, dry cloth.
• Use every time when clean cabin.
• It is allowed to use at ambient temperatures not lower than +5 °C.

Available volumes

№ V0010