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NGN MOTOR FLUSH cleans and completely dissolves all kinds of pollution: carbon deposits, varnish, sludge. Compatible with all types of engines, catalysts and diesel particulate filters.

Contains extreme pressure additive (ZDDP), which protects the engine during washing (when used oil cannot provide the proper protection level). Besides washing contains ashless dispersant additive, which supports the washed sediment suspended in the oil volume, preventing their deposition on the surface of the parts.


• Cleans whether eliminates noise in the hydraulic tensioner and hydraulic lifters.
• Keeps all kinds of contaminants suspended, allowing you to completely remove the dirt from the engine together with the used oil.
• It provides ideal oil circulation in the engine.
• Prevents early wear of engine parts.
• Perfectly cleanses the entire engine lubrication system.
• Does not clog oil receiver and oil channels.

How to use

Add the additive directly to the oil filler of preheated engine. Dosage: 10% of the total oil volume in the engine system. Start the engine and let it idle for about 15 minutes. Drain the used oil and replace the oil filter then fill with new oil.

It is allowed to use at ambient temperatures not lower than + 5°С.

Available volumes

№ V0003