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NGN hand cleaner is a highly efficient professional product that can easily get rid of most severe industrial and household soiling: toughest grimes, grease, oil and oil products such as bitumen, fat, printing inks, sealant, dust and other stains. Provides deep gentle cleansing of the skin through a balanced combination of surfactants, vegetable oils and polymer granules. NGN hand cleaner can be used both independently and via the dispenser system.

Usage via dispensing systems allows to extract the required amount of the cleaner, providing economy of use and preventing pollution and drying out of the cleaning agent.


- professional cleaning - wide range of applications
- does not dry the skin - suitable for frequent use
- economical - used for various types of dispensers

How to use

Shake well before opening. Thoroughly rub the paste into dry or damp hands until the dirt has been released from the skin. Next, add a little water and wash thoroughly. Rinse the hands with plenty of water and dry them as usual. Repeat as necessary.

Available volumes

3 L