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The antifreeze is based on mono-ethylene glycol and produced with a lobrid (low-hybrid) (SOAT) technology. It is intended for use in engine cooling systems, requiring compliance with the performance level of VW TL 774-G (G12++).

Environmentally friendly additive complex does not contain nitrates, phosphates, borates, amines and fully compatible with older classes of antifreezes G11, G12, G12+ и G13 (VW TL774-C, D, F, J).

It provides a highly efficient cooling of engine, protects metal parts of mounts and assemblages from corrosion processes (including copper, aluminum, etc.). Special complex of inhibiting additives eliminates cavitation corrosion of the cooling systems. It does not expose aggressive impact to pipes and seals; prevents foaming and scale formation.

Boiling point at atmospheric pressure is +109 °C.

Recommended antifreeze drain intervals determined by the requirements of the vehicle manufacturer.

Performace level

VW TL-774-G (G12++)

Available volumes

1 L

5 L

20 L





Density 1,072...1,076 g/cm3
Boiling point 109°С