Oils and operational liquids by NGN are produces on the leading factories of Eurol which use the most modern
technologies of petrochemical industry. Eurol supplies highest-quality lubrications for dealerships and car manufacturers
of Europe. 
Manufacture process is entirely automated, that guarantees high quality. Availability of in-house laboratory
enables to develop the best products and constantly improve technological processes. Manufacturing is confirmed by
the international certificate ISO 9001. The production of the manufactory is supplied to more than 50 countries worldwide.

Autochemistry by NGN is produced on the facilities of technical partner Bardahl, Belgium. Bardahl is one of the largest
produces in the world chemical industry. The company was found in 1939 and up to date it is the acknowledged leader and
supplier 70% of manufactured production to the assembly lines of car manufacturers (OEM) and for professional maintenance
service (OES) of the leading car manufacturers.